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What is oksanastore.com?

Oksanastore.com – is a digital marketing and advertising platform in Tanzania, East Africa. Advertise with us – list your product or service on our platform by simply posting your ad for FREE click here or registering your business with us click here.

What is Oksanastore?

Oksanastore is a fully registered and licensed advertising and digital marketing agency, specialized in classified ads, website and graphic design and other digital services. We help your business to grow digitally online and offline. We give you a Secret Formula to Sell Online and we follow Community Skills Framework. To book us for a free business consultation, click here.

How was Oksanastore founded?

Oksanastore was founded by Oksana Ryabets and Al Amin Msangi in August 2020 to serve the growing market needs and demand in technology, quality digital marketing and advertising services, and business growth strategies.

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